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a poet stands at the center of society and becomes a revelator.

i was sent a letter to enter a poetry contest and buy a book of poetry with my poem in it

i sent the check for the amount they asked for and the poem

i have not received what was promised

the company is Eber & Wein Publishing 597 s main st Shrewsbury, pa 17361 the new york adress is 244 5th avenue ny ny 10001-7604

i am stunned numbless...they need to be in jail i would like for the attorney general of both states ro track and hunt these POETRY PREDATORS down, order them to repay treble damages to every poet

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Union Bridge, Maryland, United States #817520

You don't have to pay anything to be published with them.You only pay if you want a copy of the book they are publishing you.

Also they do forward your name.

I HAVE been contacted by sveral companies after being published with them including Aladdin, Lighthouse, Thor, and some more.I am currently working on a flash fiction novel for them .

to Anonymous #1068749

Oh, really?


I have submitted 5 poems all published in a poetry book and received ...I buy 6 at a time and I am extremely proud to leave my published work with my children to be handed down to their children.Everything I have been promised I have received.

I hope all your issues can be resolved.With respect Kay Jo Collins


The deadline is July 31 2013?' What I just got my semi finals thing! You're telling me it's over?! Or is it a new contest?!

Des Moines, Iowa, United States #758028

I would like to know the outcome of for the National Amateur Poetry Competition with the July 31, 2013 deadline. Please email me Lana Jean Mitchell at Thank you.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #698959

:( I wrote a poem back in May 2013 about love and i didn't get nothing for a long time until June 24.2013.

telling me about i was in the semi-finals, it was told that i will be getting my copies of my paper soon. haven't seen anything else yet. I didn't give any money I won't.

Please don't send any money what looks good or hear good isn't what it seems.Some of the companies or crooks.


And I have one more question: If Eber & Wein is credible, wouldn't they send your name and poem to some other poetry publishers so they can contact you, so that you may become a legitimate poet???Think about it.

Eber & Wein hasn't done that for me!:x

to One World Away #702509

What makes them obligated or necessary to do so? Why would a publishing company contact the competition and hand away business? That makes no sense.

to One World Away Chantilly, Virginia, United States #709726

Sorry for your misfortune.I've been dealing with Eber and Wein for years and hAve had no problems.

If you don't get your book or anything else you were suppose to receive, then call them. One time it took a while for me to receive my book, but when I called them, the book was received a week later.

They also sent my name to another company and I was chosen to write a poem for them.Give them a call and Good luck!


I entered this contest a few years back.My poem was published in Endless Horizons, Shy Dawn.

I was so on top of the world that I just HAD to purchase this book and show it off. So, next time came around and they're asking me for another poem...I wrote a very deep and heartfelt poem about losing my father to a murdering doctor, whom forever changed my life. Still, to this day, I have not heard anything about that poem, notta. That really hurt.

Any reply is better than none. That was about two years ago. Yesterday I got an e-mail from Eber & Wein. They want me to write another poem for their Who's Who in American Poetry contest, and are calling these people they are summoning "most accomplished amateur poets" pssh, really?!

Well, what about my last poem you so disregarded without an explanation? I'm at a bridge that I am not sure I want to cross again. Who really wants to purchase their own work like I did in the past?

I understand I am purchasing other people's poems as well, and it's a foot in the door for myself and them, so I bought it..but again, I just don't know.Should I or should I not pour my emotions, dreams and heart into another poem that may just be ignored and forgotten?

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