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I got the CD I ordered last summer from Eber & Wein today (Feb 9 2016). It's a CD recording of my poem. Add comment

I had send my money because they said they will publish in a book and than sent it to recieve it I received their letter on 9/11/15 I send the $70 dollars and I still haven't recieve anything yet and now it's the January/28/2016 and still waiting. I called them today 10minute ago and the man said I have to still wait. I'm trying of waiting. Give me the book or give me my money back. Read more

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I entered Eber & Wein's contest against my better judgement. After ordering their publication containing my poem, my first red flag was being sent away from Eber & Wein's page to a PayPal portal, then only to receive a receipt saying I had paid E&W and nothing more. Even bigger red flag when I still continued to receive promo emails for their publication treating me as though I had not purchased... Read more

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I threatened a class action lawsuit if I didn't receive my products within the next two weeks. Instead of complying...they completely refunded my money. Thought that was interesting: From: Erin Nugent [] Sent: Wednesday, January 20, 2016 10:02 AM To: Eber & Wein Publishing Subject: Products paid for but not received Hello, Before a class action lawsuit begins by those... Read more

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My poem is to be published in a book they tell me. So if everyone that sends in a poem is published in a book and then buy that book (which the author has to do) look at all the money they make. So I believe every poem is accepted so sure doesn't mean they think mine is good now does it? I don't even know if there will really be a book. So is this a scam? I don't know but yes probably in that... Read more

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I ordered and paid for self published books in September 2015 which have not received yet I called today December 23 ,2015 asking where my books were they haven't even printed them yet supposed to be done in six to eight weeks Add comment

I accidently posted in comments section instead of review section. Anyway, as of today, Dec 12, 2015, I'm waiting to receive a CD recording of my poem. I received the volume with my poem in it this past Fall. I paid for the CD recording early last summer. Add comment

I'm one of the 2015 Eber and Wein complainers. Yesterday I received the, "Where the Mind Dwells" volume that has my poem in it. I wasn't expecting to come in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place although I am fond of my poem because of it's message. I haven't yet received the CD recording of my poem, but hope Eber and Wein will be sending it soon. I know the chances of me being a poet laureate are slim to... Read more

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This is a classic "vanity poetry anthology" scam. They run a "free" contest, then use ALL but the unprintable submissions to fill books. These are NOT books of quality poetry but simply churned out books to SELL for >$50. The authors do NOT receive their book for free. You're much better off using a simple and cheap self-publish site (like lulu dot com) you can find many on google. Also if you... Read more

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Not only have I Never had a problem with them, I have been published multiple times by them all without incident Read more

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