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I'm one of the 2015 Eber and Wein complainers. Yesterday I received the, "Where the Mind Dwells" volume that has my poem in it. I wasn't expecting to come in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place although I am fond of my poem because of it's message. I haven't yet received the CD recording of my poem, but hope Eber and Wein will be sending it soon. I know the chances of me being a poet laureate are slim to... Read more

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This is a classic "vanity poetry anthology" scam. They run a "free" contest, then use ALL but the unprintable submissions to fill books. These are NOT books of quality poetry but simply churned out books to SELL for >$50. The authors do NOT receive their book for free. You're much better off using a simple and cheap self-publish site (like lulu dot com) you can find many on google. Also if you... Read more

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Not only have I Never had a problem with them, I have been published multiple times by them all without incident Read more

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I entered the Eber & Wein poetry contest that supposedly ended this past June 30th of 2015. I was informed via snail mail letter that I was a semi-finalist this past spring. I paid for the poetry volume book and also for a CD recording of my poem which amounted over $80 in my payment to them before summer 2015 started. I sent them one email in August to inquire about when can i expect the... Read more

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I am not sure about the negativity I have read here. My experience is: 2 years ago I sent in a poem, it was published in the book and I bought and received 3 books 1 for me and to to give away. Last year I sent in another poem and they sent me an letter saying in a nice way that my poem di not make it to publishing. I sent another poem this year and I received a letter that it is accepted and... Read more

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I purchased a book and CD from Eber and Wein publishing and never received my product which caused me $95 and after repeated emails I haven't heard from them yet. This company is a rip off and a disgrace to decent publishing company. Do not do business with this company if you do you will regret it. Upset consumer Add comment

I was in the same boat but I'm sorry to say I think it is. I submitted my poem to this years contest as well. They have multiple addresses for one. The one on their website today doesn't even match the one on the letter they sent me. Also, I looked up all the addresses I have found for them and there doesn't seem to be a publishing company there. There are multiple complaints with the better... Read more

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This is my first time ever publishing a poem and I hear so many mixed review upon this company and as of today there are no recent articles actually explaining what has happened. I submitted a poem and I do not know if I've been ripped off as I've moved to the "elite round." There are people saying every poem that's submitted is a semi finalist and I hear that some people do not even receive... Read more

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To have my poetry published free and the chance to buy a book is not so bad. Try publishing your poetry in your own book and find out what the cost is. If you think this is a bad thing then don't submit anything. And YES I put my books on my coffee table for all to see what I do in my spare time, love to write poetry. If you are looking for monetary compensation than publish your own book... Read more

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So back in 2014, I submitted a poem to one of their contests. They sent me a letter saying that my poem had passed to the next round and would be published. I payed them the money and to this day I haven't received my book or another letter regarding the competition from them. They continue to email me about how great my poetry is/was and how I am "a premier member" but to be honest this is a... Read more

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